Why Cross Docks?

We deliver a service to clients to manage one of their most valuable and important assets. Our job is to make their job easier. We thank them for sharing their feedback on the service they receive from Cross Docks and how it benefits their business.


Not only do we now have complete transparency over our stock through real time data, we simply could not have managed the increase in sales when our brand went through a global spike in popularity. For us nothing changed, other than the bottom line. We had complete trust that Cross Docks had everything under control.

Marcel Goerke
Managing Director
BirkenStock Australia

Making the decision to outsource the warehousing of our growing brands including Mr Simple and Herschel was not something we took lightly. As our business grew, we needed an operational partner that we could rely on totally, trust and that could scale up and respond when we needed them to.

Cross Docks have proven themselves many times over – and in a year that could have gone either way.

I can’t thank the team at Cross Docks enough for their hard work in 2020 and for going the extra mile – working overtime to meet our customer deadlines which ultimately increasing our sales online. They have demonstrated the true meaning of a partnership and we are looking ahead to sharing more of our insights, marketing and business plans. We’re excited about a future working with Cross Docks.

“Jo Mercer has been working alongside Cross Docks for two years and in that time Shan, the Managing Director, has gone above and beyond what we expected and thought possible.

By moving to Cross Docks, we started using brand new software and equipment which unclogged our inventory system and allowed us to focus on our customers.  Now we’re able to get real-time information with profound scanning accuracy. 2020 challenged us which meant we had to rely heavily on Cross Docks. And we weren’t disappointed. Cross Docks was able to transfer our in-house stock to their warehouse and from there were able to meet the online customer’s demands by sending orders out on the same day, promptly giving our business a boost. We’re more than happy with the service that we receive and recommend Cross Docks to anyone who is looking for personalised and efficient service.”

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Company Values


What more can we say – life really is great (if you want it to be). We love to work with people who have high energy and a half glass full mentality. You get out, what you put in!


“Measure twice, cut once”. We’ve all been let down by a poor shopping experience, where what you ordered, wasn’t what you received. Do it once and do it well.


Our workplace relies on a team environment and a clear process chain. Each team member relies on their manager to be there; on time, every time. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, don’t be the missing link for your team.

No Nonsense

We understand that work is only part of people’s lives. We want the workplace to be a bubble separate from life’s challenges, where everyone can work together as equals, without the distractions that can cloud our daily work lives.


Customers are our lifeblood, they pay our wages. So always considering the customers perspectives, viewpoint and requirements must be at the forefront of all our decisions. We exist to serve them. Without them, there is no CrossDocks.


We are all in this together. But, in order for our business to thrive we each need to take ownership of every part of the process. It’s not pointing the finger of blame but about ensuring a smoother outcome for next time. By speaking up and taking ownership, we help and prevent others from making them in the future.