Using online orders to earn additional revenue

When retail stores closed, online orders went through the roof.

And at the same time, we discovered and partnered with Brand Crush.

Brand Crush is a marketing platform that that connects brands (products) to consumers via activation hosts (that’s 3PL clients)

Our clients can earn additional revenue by including product samples or vouchers from other like-minded brands into online orders. And Cross Docks will facilitate this at no cost to our clients. We exist to make our clients business grow.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1 – Register as an activation host on (insert URL link)

Step 2 – Wait for notifications of brands that want to reach the same consumers as you.

Step 3 – Accept (or decline) the product.

Step 4 – Cross Docks receives orders and adds product to each online order

Step 5 -You receive revenue from Brandcrush.

To find out more contact Teresa Aprile –