I’m about to lose control – and I think I like it
Excerpt…Customers who previously were previously afraid to outsource are now crushing sales targets. Find out how. Many of our long-standing customers initially had fears of outsourcing. They felt that by losing the physical presence of stock on their premises or leased warehouse, this equated to a loss of control of their process, a risk of sales loss and an increase in total cost. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, by outsourcing to a dedicated, specialised, thorough and goals orientated business like Cross Docks Australia, we can provide you with more control, transparency, accuracy and help to increase sales, while potentially decreasing your total logistics costs.
By outsourcing, you are likely to focus on your core competencies, free up working capital, have better control of your cash flow and sales forecasting, increase sales and minimise OH&S risk. It would allow you to re-deploy your existing staff to other tasks such as focusing on the strategic growth and direction of your business. Third party specialists have the benefit of attracting and retaining skilled staff and management, with industry specific experience and disciplines. As your business grows, there would be no need to consider outlaying part of your well-earned profit in the purchase or lease of a bigger or second warehouse.