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Cross Docks Australia is a
specialist provider of
logistics services.

We tailor solutions to the
specific needs of our clients
providing services that are
Professional, Proficient
and Precise.

Technology and ISIS Web

to access data on the go, whilst still maintaining security with unique username and password access. So whether you are on buying trips or trade shows, or just out of town for a while ISIS Web Online makes staying in touch with your operations a breeze.The ISIS WMS offers a host of features to our clients that make the handling of stock and information as quick and accurate as possible. The following features are some of the most important but are certainly not the limit of ISIS capabilities. In fact ISIS serves to provide a complete and flexible solution to ensure you have all the information you could ever need.

* Scanning of products in and out of the warehouse

* Interface capabilities into most ERP and Accounting packages giving our clients live and full visibility of the order status.

* Up to date Stock on Hand (SOH) reports

* Cycle Counting whilst picking

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