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Cross Docks Australia is a
specialist provider of
logistics services.

We tailor solutions to the
specific needs of our clients
providing services that are
Professional, Proficient
and Precise.

Solutions and Services


What can we offer your business?

Cross Docks Australia is committed to providing exceptional logistics solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We don't believe in a one size fits all mentality, but instead work with our clients to establish how their logistics requirements can be best met.

We also understand that business is dynamic and as such we monitor and respond to our clients changing requirements, such as seasonal fluctuation and variations in supply and demand due to changes in the economic environment.



What do we offer?

Contract Logistics Services:

Contract Logistics is when a specialised service provider such as Cross Docks Australia takes over management of a company's logistics. Also known as Third Party Logistics (3PL), Outsourcing or Contract Warehousing this service management allows clients to receive expert management of there inbound and outbound stock as well as storage and stock management. By using cutting edge technology, your business has real-time visibility of all inventory, orders and movement of your product, at the touch of a button without the hassles of day-to-day physical movement and the worries of managing your own warehouse.

Why Outsource? Because you get superior stock management without the hassles, expense and worry of doing it yourself.

Warehouse Management:

With a range of warehousing options we have it covered for you. From the basics of receiving, storing and despatching to high level unit pick and pack we can find a solution for you. By offering a multi-user warehouse model you save on costs by only using the labour you need, as well as the benefit of shared services.

We offer:

  • Multi User warehouse facilities
  • Management of dedicated warehouses
  • Overflow warehousing and storage
  • Contract Warehousing
  • Cross Docking
  • Direct fulfilment to customer or e-retailers
  • Transport & distribution


Complete Electronic Management and Trading.

Cross Docks Australia has made significant investments in technology to ensure that we can offer the most efficient and accurate services to our clients. By employing scanning technology we have eliminated the manual, paper based methods speeding up delivery and improving inventory accuracy. We also provide real-time access to our clients through online interfaces that allow absolute transparency 24 hours a day.

Our key tool of the trade is the ISIS Warehouse Management System (WMS)  that coupled with our client interface system ensure complete transparency.

  • Real time inventory reporting to clients
  • ISIS Warehouse Management System
  • Regular stock take through cycle counts
  • Scan packing
  • Packing list per carton can be printed


Our clients are ensured absolute transparency through real-time online access to stock levels and distribution information. At the touch of a button and without leaving the office, clients can access more data on their stock and order movement then ever before. Thanks to our intelligent online interfaces, our clients describe outsourcing as giving them EVER MORE access to the product data.


Electronic pick, pack and despatch management:

We offer a complete and specialised unit pick and pack service. Using Scanning technology together with electronic receipting and despatching we have eliminated the paper trail and manual handling of data. As a result your Supply Chain is running at maximum efficiency with errors dramatically reduced and efficiency increased getting your goods to the shop floor or consumer quicker than ever before.

In addition, we offer value added services that ensure your stock is store ready, reducing errors and damage associated with multiple handling. The result is improved service levels to your customer and quicker movement of stock for you!

  • Specialised unit pick and pack service.
  • Managing electronic orders and invoicing.
  • Retail Replenishment
  • Kitting and Assembly
  • Bar coding and price labelling
  • Scan Packing compliant with all major retailers

Tailored Solutions

Just as you are experts on your product, our expertise is in management and movement of your product. Cross Docks Australia allows its clients to focus on product development, product sourcing and sales, whilst we focus on the smartest solutions to get our client's stock to market.

We can serve your business by providing:

  • Smooth management of customer peaks and troughs
  • Tailored solutions that suit your unique business requirements
  • Management of order fulfilment to retailers or direct to customer 
  • Transport management; Our systems engage with all the major transport companies ensuring there is one to suit you.
  • Gaining a thorough understanding of client's needs in order to best fulfil these needs


OHS Safety; Reduce your risks

Cross Docks Australia is committed to providing all its employees, clients and contractors with a safe and healthy working environment every day of the year. We take OHS compliance seriously and ensure all staff are provided with current training and information.

Many clients come to us with problems of a warehouse bursting at the seams and without the systems in place that would comply with WorkSafe Obligations. We take this burden away from you ensuring all Victorian and Federal statutory and legal requirements are complied with.

By allowing Cross Docks Australia to take this extra level of complication off your hands, it is just one less thing you have to worry about.


Cross Docking

As the name suggests we are specialist providers of cross docking services. Cross docking is the process whereby many different companies deliver their goods in bulk to a central point. At the cross dock distribution centre, these goods are broken into cartons and allocated to separate stores. Then bundled up into Store pallets and delivered.

It is a way of stream lining delivery of stock between a manufacturer and supplier that reduces transport costs and decreases inventory storage by ensuring rapid turnaround of stock. This method is usually employed by large retailers, such as department stores and service station chains.


Consultant Services

If you are not ready to shift your warehouse and want some guidance on how to improve your systems and increase efficiency, Cross Docks Australia can offer expert Consultant Services to assess your warehouse and put together a plan on how you can improve your existing warehouse or stage a gradual shift to outsourcing.

Please contact us for further information on how we can help your business grow.

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