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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can't we do just as good a job? After all we know our stock best?

Many businesses we meet have one main initial concern "our business is unique/complicated and requires expertise handling". The fact is we handle over 10,000 SKU's and specialise in delicate, fragile goods that require specialised handling and must be delivered in pristine condition. From glass and vases to clothing for premature babies, jewellery to paint pigments, we will handle it with the utmost care and precision. You most definitely know your stock best but we know how to MOVE your stock best!

2. Wouldn't it be cheaper for us to just get a warehouse and do it ourselves?

A common misconception is that outsourcing is going to place enormous costs on the business. The fact is many people don't know their true costs when it comes to managing their stock and very rarely include the cost of their own time spent doing these non core activities.

Our Guarantee


We recommend you do this simple sum:

Cost of warehouse (rent or purchase)


Labour costs (warehouse manager, regular staff plus any extra staff that may be needed to cope with seasonal peaks)


Cost of YOUR time


Materials and handling costs (forklifts, racking and shelving, conveyors, trolleys)


Consumables (packaging etc)


Systems and Technology


OHS and other compliance codes.

= $?

Divide this cost by the number of units you send out the door each year = $???

It is more than likely that if you do this sum inclusive of all your costs, it will come out at lot higher than you expect.

3. Its just such a busy time for us, a change would be all too hard. Shouldn't we wait until things settle down?

Periods of growth and expansion are perfect times to reassess your needs and put a new and more efficient system into action. Many of the businesses we have worked with started small and for a time a serviced office or small warehouse facility was enough to cover it. However most successful businesses soon grow out of this. We can help ease you through the transition of a move and make your business operations run more smoothly and efficiently. Our technology enables you to use your time more effectively whilst still having complete visibility of your stock movement and orders.

You (or your staff) have time freed up from the operations and your customers benefit from quicker turnaround and better service delivery. The end result is that you have more time to grow your business.

4. What extra benefits can you offer us?

One of the biggest advantages is coping with seasonal variations without any extra stress or cost to you. We have a flexible workforce that can be ramped up to cope with increased sales and peak periods, this comes as no extra cost as we charge a fixed price per unit. We also offer the highest standards of OHS compliance, an important and often neglected area in warehouses or office spaces that have been outgrown.

5. Our workplace isn't unsafe, we are all used to working around boxes on the floor!

At Cross Docks Australia, we are committed to providing our employees, clients and contractors with a healthy and safe workplace. Many potential clients we meet don't realise that their workplace would not conform to basic requirements of state or national OHS standards. Boxes on the floor, incorrect weights in boxes, not enough trolleys, jacks or other vital tools, unserviced equipment, these are just some of the issues that can arise!

We comply to the highest industry and statutory safety standards and insist on continual training and workshops for all staff. We have a large pool of highly trained staff, so we do not have to rely on agency staff. This decreases the chance for errors, problems and accidents that might arise from more untrained staff.

6. How can partnering with Cross Docks Australia increase my sales?

We give you back the one commodity you can't buy, TIME. By outsourcing the time consuming process of tracking, unpacking and storing inbound stock and picking packing and despatching orders, as well as stock maintenance tasks such as stock takes, you have hours and sometimes days freed up to concentrate on generating new sales and ensuring existing clients are given the attention they need.

In addition, our technology ensures you have web-based access to all the stock and order data you could ever need at the touch of a button. You can find out order status, stock on hand, as well as consignment notices so that you know who has received what around the clock.

Our systems ensure stock turnaround is as efficient as possible and as you know the quicker your product makes it to the retail environment the quicker it can be sold!

7. What is the importance of technology investment in a warehouse environment?

At Cross Docks Australia, we consider investment in technology absolutely crucial for our clients to be as competitive as possible. We have invested in the ISIS Warehouse Management System (WMS) a tool which gives our clients access to more data then ever before at the touch of a button, from anywhere they have web access. With ISIS WMS we can offer our clients the most advanced systems of access wherever they happen to be, giving you unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

8. How easily and quickly could our business shift your stock into our warehouse?

The most important factor to consider when transferring your stock is that the data is accurate and clean. This would require information to be transfer into our ISIS WMS and arranging systems interface between ISIS and your host ERP (e.g. MYOB, Quickbooks, Exonet etc). Testing and sign off of each platform is conducted in this time. Once both the client and Cross Docks Australia are confident with the information and success in interfacing, we would then organise physical movements of the stock.

9. What do you mean by a staged move?

First, the slow moving or redundant stock is moved, followed by your active "storage" stock and lastly your active "pick face" stock, the items most common accessed. As Cross Docks Australia receive goods, we effectively perform your first stock take – FREE OF CHARGE. These final figures will be reconciled with your host ERP system. Any variances will be immediately investigated before picking commences.

10 How do I find out more?

To find out more about our service offering contact us or email directly on info@crossdocks.com.au.

You can also learn more by visiting our News and Information section for online tutorials, cheat sheets, videos and more!

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